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Counselling For Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Grief & Loss in Adelaide

Elevate Counselling FAQ

Elevate Counselling, Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Addiction Counselling, Grief & Loss

Why would I choose counselling and what can it do for me?

Making the decision to talk with a counsellor about thoughts, how you are feeling, what you may want to change or need in life, or something you just can't get past, can be the very first step toward re-investing in yourself.  Together, we can explore where you are and where you want to be, and then form goals and methods to reach those goals,  providing perspective and collaboration.


I offer my counselling in a manner where my clients can trust me and rely on being provided with a  confidential, non-judgemental, non-directive, supportive and safe place.  I provide person-centric counselling, where you are respected as being the expert in your own life.  I am not here to judge or label you.  I aim to be alongside you, working with you throughout your new journeys.



What will my first session look like?

The counselling process is all about informed choices, transparency  Your first session will mainly involve us getting to know each other.  However, your first session will also be an extension on the counselling contracting process.  What that means is, we will both go through the counselling process and contracting together, to ensure that you are completely informed and across all aspects of what to expect from counselling.  This is especially important as it allows you to clarify, confirm and talk further about the counselling process and our working relationship. 

From there, we can explore further why you have come to counselling and what the next steps, planning and focus will be for subsequent sessions together.


Do I have to be in an office space for face to face counselling?

No, we have the option of a beach walk, sitting in a park, or another safe and private space that is mutually agreed upon.  There are plenty of options!  Phone counselling and online counselling are methods widely utilised also, and each bring their benefits.


What approaches and therapy styles does Elevate Counselling use?

My counselling is eclectic in nature.  With this approach, I tailor my counselling to meet the unique needs of each individual, as that is what we all are!  I draw from the following approaches (not limited to):


  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy




Are there any rebates and do I need a Mental Health Care Plan?

I am unable to accept Mental Health Care Plans.  What this means however, is that you are not required to see your GP and gain a Mental Health Care Plan to access and benefit from my services.  You remain in control of your time with me.

Here are two potential reasons why you may not wish to go through the Medicare system and Mental Health Care Plans:

1. You value privacy: 
When going through a Mental Health Care Plan, your private information is available and accessible to many insurance companies and even some employers.  Once you have a Mental Health Care Plan, it is recorded permanently on your health records.  

2. You want to choose your own therapist:
Currently, clients under Mental Health Care Plans can only be referred to certain practitioners (therapists).  This means that you don't have direct involvement in choosing your therapist (including their focus, specialty or modalities), or the option of working with a Counsellor.  It is a personal determination when it comes to discovering a therapist that feels like the 'best fit'  for you.  You should always have the option and the means to have agency over who you choose.



My Counselling fees have been carefully considered to ensure Elevate Counselling is accessible to a broader demographic of people as possible and for sustainable therapy.  Furthermore, you would not be limited with the number of sessions I could offer you, as would be the case under a MHCP.  The session fees remain the same and there are no limitations to the amount of sessions you may have. 


Elevate Counselling waiting times for appointments remain low.  Furthermore, by not operating under the Medicare umbrella I am also not bound to the prescribed treatment modalities preferred by Medicare and can offer a truly personalised approach.




Can I use my private health fund?

Elevate Counselling is currently establishing connections to accept client claiming through the following Private Health Funds:

  • Doctor’s Health Fund

  • GU Health

(availability will be updated accordingly).



Is my counselling confidential?  Will my information be safe and who has access to it?

Your information is safe and secure with Elevate Counselling and I hold your privacy, confidentiality and safety with the utmost importance.  I am bound to and adhere to privacy and confidentiality requirements and legislation as set out in the Australian Counselling Association’s Code of Ethics and Practice. 


Digital information is secure and encrypted within the industry standard CRM (PowerDiary) and backed up using encrypted data backup solutions.  Paper-based information and files are stored securely in a locked filing cabinet.


There are some exceptions to confidentiality and privacy regarding your information.  These are as follows:

  • Where I become aware of any immediate risk of safety, threats or actions of harm toward you or people around you.

  • Any awareness of risk toward children, including but not limited to, child abuse and neglect

  • If your information has been subpoenaed from a Court of Law or is required for legal reasons.










Do you only focus on Men?

No, absolutely not.  My counselling is open to everyone regardless of gender or identification.  I am focusing on men's general mental health, as, well....I am a man and can align and am familiar with struggles and challenges that men can face.  However, life's challenges span across all walks of life, so please get in touch if you would like to talk.


Am I locked into counselling?

No, there are no set amount of sessions or lock-in periods with Elevate Counselling.  I will be there alongside you for as many sessions as you require.


I also offer free check-in calls to all clients who may feel they have reached the end of their counselling journey.  This is to ensure that I honour my duty of care to you, ensuring that you are in the best position possible to cease therapy and to ensure that I have done all I can for you from a therapeutic perspective.




How often do I need to have sessions?

Session frequency will be discussed with you in our initial session.  Often this may change throughout your counselling as you progress through.




What if my counsellor is just not quite right for me?

That is absolutely fine.  As part of my service, I offer a free 15 minute no-obligation chat where we can both determine if I may be of benefit and be right for you.  If (throughout subsequent sessions), you or I feel that we may not be quite the right match for each other, that is no problem at all.  I will assist with referring to another counsellor or allied health professional.




Is every session just likely to be the same?

Your counselling sessions will most likely vary along your journey.  I apply a bespoke and tailored approach to each and every individual.  As such, factors such as progress, determining what works best for you and changes in your requirements and frame-of-mind will determine the unique path that your counselling journey follows.




Can I only have face-to-face counselling?

Whilst face-to-face counselling brings with it numerous advantages, I understand that for some, this may not be practical or possible. 


Therefore I offer the following alternative methods as I am passionate about being able to provide as much accessibility to the benefits of counselling therapy as possible:


  • Phone counselling (telehealth) session

  • Online counselling via a secure and private video link and platform




What is Elevate Counselling’s cancellation policy?

To ensure I am able to deliver the best service possible to everyone, Elevate Counselling has the following cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations made within 24-48 hours from scheduled session will incur 50% of the full relevant rate as cancellation fee.

  • Cancellations made within 24 hours from scheduled session (including no-shows) will incur the full relevant rate as cancellation fee.




Can I see another therapist at the same time?

You absolutely can.  I do advise however, to be mindful of risking overload or feeling overwhelmed.




Are after-hours appointments available?

After-hours sessions are available upon discussion with your counsellor.




When is payment required?

Payment is required prior to your session or electronically via transfer on the day of your counselling session.  Invoices can be issued under certain special circumstances as discussed with practitioner and client.  Invoice payment terms are strictly fourteen (14) days from the date of invoice.

How do I start?

Easy!  Just leave your details via the contact form and I will be in touch within 24 hours.  Alternatively, please feel free to call 0432 634 098.  If I can't answer straight away, please be re-assured that I will return your call as soon as I am able.  There is no pressure or would be great to simply have a chat to see if we will be a good fit for each other.

"It always seems impossible until it's done"
- Nelson Mandela.

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