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Counselling For Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Grief & Loss in Adelaide

More About Me...

I already know this will be a small novel....but I like a story, and I want to be transparent and offer as much of me as I can.


Like many people, I have had my fair share of experiences throughout my 40+ years around the sun.  I come from a client relations, customer service and account management background and so bring a sense of professionalism and people-centric approaches (along with my life experiences) to my counselling. 

I am a married Father of two children, and am passionate about having the opportunity

to be alongside people through their journey of discovery, promoting resilience,

empowerment and seeing people flourish in the best version of themselves.  My personal

life experiences add richness, empathy and depth to compliment my professional training.

I've witnessed first-hand, the intense struggle, internal conflict and impeded hope, that

depression brings with it (in positions both as being a partner and a full-time carer).


In my pre-teen years, I was nominated to tell my Grandmother that her cancer had returned

for the third time with an inoperable tumour, and then witness her decline into a shell of

the incredible woman she was, before her passing.


My mother also fought so hard battling bowel cancer for years.  Throughout that time I looked after her, and witnessed such vulnerability and fear, as the roles completely reversed between mother and son, until her passing on my Birthday.  That's one way of her making sure I will never forget the date I guess.

I've endured the almost intolerable pain and despair of 10 failed rounds of IVF, not only from

my own perspective as a man and husband, but most pertinently, my wife's also.  That experience brings with it unmatched feelings of failure, despair and such intrinsic sadness unlike anything I have lived through.  But it gave me new perspective from a guys lens.

Simon Bartz, Elevate Counselling, Addiction, Addictions Counselling, Men's Mental Health, Grief & Loss

Probably the most profound experience I have worked through, was my own struggles with addiction to alcohol.  In fact, it's what ignited my counselling journey, as I know very well how the impacts of addiction can ripple through every aspect of your life.  I’ve been as close to rock bottom as I would ever dare to get.  This experience saw me steadily obliterate my self-worth, motivation, zest, appreciation, and capacity for my family and friends…I’d even say life in general.  I had backed myself into an unforgiving corner, fuelled with denial, misdirection, hopelessness and inner conflict.  I was balancing on the edge of losing my family, friends, and most importantly, my two children.  Addiction (in any form) is a very lonely existence, but it is possible to rise above.  It took a while to truly comprehend and understand this.


I will be forever grateful and thankful that things clicked for me one day.  Almost accidentally, I discovered a gradual yet profoundly exhilarating path and method that freed me from this inevitably destructive spiral I had created for myself. 


Now I am in the privileged position to be able to give back by being a passionate counsellor, counselling for addiction, men's mental health and grief & loss (amongst many other issues people are facing).


But...that's enough about me! Perhaps some of who I am and my experiences resonate with you?


I certainly don’t know everything.  I learn a bit more about myself with every person I meet, especially when being there alongside them through even just a part of their journey and exploration.


So, why am I telling you all this and why am I so passionate about counselling?


I want to give back.  I want to share my learning, my experiences and perspectives, with the aim to assist in providing a sense of hope and nurture possibilities and capabilities for positive change.  I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be part of enhancing autonomy, self-worth and tools for resilience in managing emotions, feelings and circumstances.


I have so much respect, empathy and understanding for anyone who is starting to find, or has found the strength and desire to want to connect with someone who will help them along their journey of self-discovery and the best possible future.  I know so very well how confronting and often overwhelming even starting with this step can be.


If this sounds about where you may be right now, or even if you are not quite sure....well, you've already started and are on your way!  Please feel welcome to contact me for a free initial call, to discover how we may be able to work together.

"Fall seven times...stand up eight"
- Japanese proverb.

If you are unsure about booking, wondering if this might be right for you, or curious about what to expect, please contact me for a free 15 minute chat, to go through your queries or concerns.

Counsellor, Counselling, Elevate Counselling, Simon Bartz, Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Addiction Counselling, Grief & Loss
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