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Counselling For Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Grief & Loss in Adelaide

Elevate Counselling

Will it happen one day...or will today be day one?

Counsellor, Counselling, Elevate Counselling, Simon Bartz, Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Addiction Counselling, Grief & Loss

*There is no need to consult with your GP or gain a Mental Healthcare Plan to access and benefit from Elevate Counselling services.  Learn more on the FAQ page*

Hi.  I'm Simon Bartz - father of two beautiful children, husband and counsellor.  Welcome, and I am so glad that you want to find out more.  It takes a lot of courage and strength to make the first steps with seeking help toward investing in yourself, and creating your best life.  So I am certainly happy you've arrived here.


I’ve established Elevate Counselling with a passionate focus on Men's Mental Health, Addiction Counselling and Grief & Loss.  In fact, I've often found these to be deeply intertwined.  I know first-hand that being able to have a space where you are validated and heard, free from barriers, judgement and expectations, can be so incredibly enriching for your mental health and wellbeing.  Such a reassurance can also be a key deciding factor toward seeking help in the first place. When we have the opportunity to share feelings and thoughts with someone who we can trust to demonstrate respect and compassion, the process of positive change through genuine, empathic & undivided attention can really begin. 

Sometimes, a sense of hope and direction can be clouded.   Sometimes we need to put the brakes on for a while, to recalibrate and rediscover ourselves.  Sometimes, we may just need a bit of direction to get started.


I offer this time for you, where the floor is yours and where you can expect to receive unconditional positive regard and un-biased attention.  I offer opportunities to unlock and discover feelings, thoughts and emotions with no sense of imbalance between client and counsellor.  We are two people who are connecting, talking and learning.

I wholeheartedly believe that my clients have agency over their wellbeing journey.  I aim to work together with you to nurture a sense of belief in yourself again.


I am a warm, highly empathic, understanding, open-minded and non-judgmental person, who is also an exceptional listener!  This is your journey.  You steer your own ship.  I will not dictate, be directive or enforce solutions upon you.

Together, we can collaborate and explore what's happening in your life, with some techniques, tools and resources that resonate the most with you.  I'll stand alongside you with practical support for positive growth, as you create new goals and a brighter future for your journey to unfold.


Held in a private and safe space, a confidential face to face session can be arranged.  Alternatively, does the beach or a park walk sound good?  We can hold your session outdoors in an equally safe and private space that is mutually agreed upon.


Sometimes, a call may be a preferred option.  A phone counselling session can easily be arranged for the same duration and fee as face to face.


I am very pleased to offer online counselling sessions as an option.  I confirm your session and send through a secure private link to connect.  There is no need for additional software or specialised equipment.

Whilst I focus on Men’s Mental Health, my counselling is open to everyone regardless of gender or identification.  This is especially relevant for Addiction counselling.  Life's challenges span across all walks of life, so I welcome you to get in touch if you would like to talk.

Counsellor, Counselling, Elevate Counselling, Simon Bartz, Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Addiction Counselling, Grief & Loss

"You can't go back and make a new start, but you can start now and make a new ending."
- James R Sherman.

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Counsellor, Counselling, Elevate Counselling, Simon Bartz, Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Addiction Counselling, Grief & Loss


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